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27 April 2010

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20 April 2010

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Little Yellows
17 April 2010

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Japanese Tattoo
5 April 2010

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Sisakhet Museum
1 April 2010

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hello audrey
12 March 2010

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Skipping Ropes
2 February 2010

Recent Comments

Red Wing Shoes on Red Wing Shoes
Red Wing Shoes fit working wear it. i buy a pair from amazon.but the price is expensive. hope the quality is good.

dideban on Breaking Up

Xerophytes on Breaking Up
Hope you come back!

Amanda on Breaking Up
Sorry to see you go! Good luck and hope to see your work again!

Amanda on Police on the streets
Ready for action!

Amanda on Crazy life
So strange--I guess you have to keep as much normalcy around you or you'll go crazy.

Amanda on Up the Reds!
Welcome back! And I'm looking forward to your images! This first one gives a sense of chaos...

Amanda on take a break
Safe travels!

Amanda on Treebeard
This is super creepy, but super cool! :)

olivier Paillet on Enne Niche
Beautiful effect...Nice shot !! Well done !

ISO on Enne Niche
Very nice!

zahra on Vietnam Cat
great,very cool.

MARIANA on 25th South-East Asian Games
beautiful moon :)

Amanda on Vietnam Cat
Wonderful composition to focus not only on the cat, but it's surroundings as well.

zahra on 25th South-East Asian Games
nice picture.

Barbara on Otto!
Winning shot! Love it. Does he speak the language?

MARIANA on Otto!
Beautiful dog portrait !

Amanda on Otto!
So Otto is a traveler---looks like he's having a good time! :)

MARIANA on Workshop
Very cool compo . Great colors !

Theys on Heaven's Light
Splendid shot!

Amanda on Little Yellows
This is lovely--one flower has earned your point of attention!

MARIANA on Little Yellows
beautiful colors

Amanda on Mummy, wait for me!
So cute! Look at her waddle down the path...hahaha.

Amanda on Ok dude
Yeah! Start the music! :)

Céline on Mummy, wait for me!
That a cute shot, well captured! :)

Curly on Ok dude
Wot? No Pink in the picture? :-)

Amanda on Slow
This is fantastic!! I realize this is on the street, but the hot colors make me feel like I'm on a conveyor ...

Amanda on Bubbles in the Sky
Lovely pastels for these soft bubbles!

Garfield on Clouds with Character
Fascinating. The sharp, defined shapes of the building and fence, and the contrasting "clouds with ...

Liang on Clouds with Character
*like* You've inspired me to shoot B&W again. So many things to shoot; so little time.

Curly on Sin City
Well........there's a whole lot to take in with this one! Nicely detailed and contrasty but so so busy, makes the ...

Tamara on Just colors
What a colorful shop ! Well seen :)

Mr Jintro on Blue Wall Bike
Hey - chillax. Great is someone thinks you have what it takes to win a comp, no? And forget about what other people ...

Mr Jintro on Dinosaur
He looks diinterested in a potential lunch. No wonder they are extinct.

Curly on Crazy Neon
Crazy glowing colours, well recorded.

kate on Crazy Neon
good shot. neon can be fantastic!!

Amanda on Blue Wall Bike
Very bright and cheerful image!

Olivier on Blue Wall Bike
Excellent composition!

Bruce on Blue Wall Bike
Interesting composition

alex centrella on Blue Wall Bike
fantastic color !

Mr Jintro on Blue Wall Bike
Lovely stuff. Great colours. How have portraits got you into trouble then? It's good to mix things up a bit!

kate on Blue Wall Bike
just beautiful!!:) love the colours~~!!

Magda on Barbed Sun
interesting composition! great post processing

Paul on Barbed Sun
Creative very nice

Liang on Good Morning!
Nice and warm.

Amanda on Yikes!
Boooo! You should have just run away. ;-)

Accio on MRT Accident
you've got me hooked...

Benoit Darrieux on Wire Specs
so nice.

Amanda on Adjusting
This is cool that you were able to hang out and watch them work--are you involved in the music/recording industry?

Amanda on Electronic Music Lab
I love the B&W version--so much going on in this scene!

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